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Alfred R., Lim Y., Ibrahim A.A.A., Anthony P. (eds.) Computational Science and Technology

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Alfred R., Lim Y., Ibrahim A.A.A., Anthony P. (eds.) Computational Science and Technology
Singapore: Springer, 2019. — 572 p.
This book features the proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computational Science and Technology 2018 (ICCST2018), held in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, on 29–30 August 2018. Of interest to practitioners and researchers, it presents exciting advances in computational techniques and solutions in this area. It also identifies emerging issues to help shape future research directions and enable industrial users to apply cutting-edge, large-scale and high-performance computational methods.
Contents :
Front Matter
Automatic Classification and Retrieval of Brain Hemorrhages
Towards Stemming Error Reduction for Malay Texts
Contactless Palm Vein ROI Extraction using Convex Hull Algorithm
A Robust Abnormal Behavior Detection Method Using Convolutional Neural Network
Cryptanalysis of Improved and Provably Secure Three-Factor User Authentication Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
User Profiling in Anomaly Detection of Authorization Logs
Agent based integer programming framework for solving real-life curriculum-based university course timetabling
3D Face Recognition using Kernel-based PCA Approach
Mobile-Augmented Reality Framework For Students Self-Centred Learning In Higher Education Institutions
Computational Optimization Analysis of Feedforward plus Feedback Control Scheme for Boiler System
Smart Verification Algorithm for IoT Applications using QR Tag
Daily Activities Classification on Human Motion Primitives Detection Dataset
Implementation of Quarter-Sweep Approach in Poisson Image Blending Problem
Autonomous Road Potholes Detection on Video
Performance Comparison of Sequential and Cooperative Integer Programming Search Methodologies in Solving Curriculum-Based University Course Timetabling Problems (CB-UCT)
A Framework for Linear TV Recommendation by Leveraging Implicit Feedback
Study of Adaptive Model Predictive Control for Cyber-Physical Home Systems
Implementation of Constraint Programming and Simulated Annealing for Examination Timetabling Problem
Time Task Scheduling for Simple and Proximate Time Model in Cyber-Physical Systems
DDoS Attack Monitoring using Smart Controller Placement in Software Defined Networking Architecture
Malay Language Speech Recognition for Preschool Children using Hidden Markov Model (HMM) System Training
A Formal Model of Multi-agent System for University Course Timetabling Problems
An Investigation towards Hostel Space Allocation Problem with Stochastic Algorithms
Sensor Selection based on Minimum Redundancy Maximum Relevance for Activity Recognition in Smart Homes
Improving Network Service Fault Prediction Performance with Multi-Instance Learning
Identification of Road Surface Conditions using IoT Sensors and Machine Learning
Real-Time Optimal Trajectory Correction (ROTC) for Autonomous Omnidirectional Robot
Incorporating Cellular Automaton based Microscopic Pedestrian Simulation and Genetic Algorithm for Spatial Layout Design Optimization
QoE Enhancements for Video Traffic in Wireless Networks through Selective Packet Drops
Preventing Denial of Service Attacks on Address Resolution in IPv6 Link-local Network: AR-match Security Technique
Hybridizing Entropy Based Mechanism with Adaptive Threshold Algorithm to Detect RA Flooding Attack in IPv6 Networks
Frequent Itemset Mining in High Dimensional Data: A Review
Validation of Bipartite Network Model of Dengue Hotspot Detection in Sarawak
Comparison of Classification Algorithms on ICMPv6-Based DDoS Attacks Detection
Feedforward plus Feedback Control Scheme and Computational Optimization Analysis for Integrating Process
Performance Evaluation of Densely Deployed WLANs using Directional and Omni-Directional Antennas
Analyzing National Film Based on Social Media Tweets Input Using Topic Modelling and Data Mining Approach
Perception and Skill Learning for Augmented and Virtual Reality Learning Environments
Application of Newton-4EGSOR Iteration for Solving Large Scale Unconstrained Optimization Problems with a Tridiagonal Hessian Matrix
Detecting Depression in Videos using Uniformed Local Binary Pattern on Facial Features
Malicious Software Family Classification using Machine Learning Multi-class Classifiers
Modification of AES Algorithm by Using Second Key and Modified SubBytes Operation for Text Encryption
Residential Neighbourhood Security using WiFi
Prediction of Mobile Phone Dependence Using Bayesian Networks
Learning the required entrepreneurial best practices using data mining algorithms
Agent Based Irrigation Management for Mixed-Cropping Farms
A Review on Agent Communication Language
Simulation and Fabrication of Micro Magnetometer Using Flip-Chip Bonding Technique
A Review on Recognition-Based Graphical Password Techniques
A Management Framework for Developing a Malware Eradication and Remediation System to Mitigate Cyberattacks
A Review on Energy Efficient Path Planning Algorithms for Unmanned Air Vehicles
Wireless Wearable for Sign Language Translator Device using Intel UP Squared (UP2) Board
APTGuard : Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detections and Predictions using Android Smartphone
Smart Home using Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Sensor and Ambient Intelligences (SAHOMASI)
Context Aware Knowledge Bases for Efficient Contextual Retrieval: Design and Methodologies
Back Matter
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