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Gregg Michael L. (ed.). An Overview of the Prehistory of Western and Central North Dakota

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Gregg Michael L. (ed.). An Overview of the Prehistory of Western and Central North Dakota
Bureau of Land Management, Montana State Office, 1985. — 241 p. — (Class 1 Cultural Resources Inventory, Dickinson District, Bureau of Land Management).
With this volume, the Montana State Office of the Bureau of Land Management begins a series of occasional cultural resource monographs. The Bureau's planning and general management system requires that the cultural resource context be compiled for each of its major areas of jurisdiction. The National Historic Preservation Act has been a catalyst for producing large-scale sampling inventories of the cultural resources of many parts of Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota, as well as site specific inventories in advance of land use changes and excavation projects to mitigate impacts to cultural resources.
This first volume in the series presents an overview of North Dakota prehistory for the western and central portions of the State. It was prepared by Michael L. Gregg of the University of North Dakota under contract to the Bureau of Land Management. The research and writing was done between 1980 and early 1984. Site information used in the document is based on all information entered into the State Historical Society of North Dakota site files through 1981, while literature was examined through February 1984. We have used a 1984 date in the title to ensure that readers recognize when the overview literature review terminates, although our publication date is 1985.
We feel that this overview makes a valuable contribution to the study of North Dakota prehistory and cultural resource management. Its scope and wide topical coverage should make it a usable and effective source document for future research and cultural resource management actions within its area of coverage. It offers a synthesis which brings together for the first time in a single volume, information and bibliographic references for the ethnography, history of the archeology, and present state of research and management for the western two-thirds of North Dakota.
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