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Dehghantanha Ali, Choo Kim-Kwang Raymond. Handbook of Big Data and IoT Security

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Dehghantanha Ali, Choo Kim-Kwang Raymond. Handbook of Big Data and IoT Security
Springer, 2019. — 384 р. — ISBN 3030105423.
This handbook provides an overarching view of cyber security and digital forensic challenges related to big data and IoT environment, prior to reviewing existing data mining solutions and their potential application in big data context, and existing authentication and access control for IoT devices. An IoT access control scheme and an IoT forensic framework is also presented in this book, and it explains how the IoT forensic framework can be used to guide investigation of a popular cloud storage service.
With millions to billions of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems sending heterogeneous raw and processed data through the IoT network, we need to be able to effectively utilize big data analytical techniques and solutions and ensure the security and privacy of IoT data and services against the broad range of attackers. Further complicating the challenge is the increasing number of nodes and complexity of the IoT network and ecosystem, for example the increasing number and size of audit and security logs and intrusion data to be collected and analyzed. The purpose of this handbook is to explore cyber security, forensics and threat intelligence challenges and solutions relating to IoT and Big Data.
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