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Asian Military Review 2018 №07 Volume 26 November

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Asian Military Review 2018 №07 Volume 26 November
Media Transasia Group. — 60 p.
Asian Military Review is largest circulated defence magazine in Asia Pacific region. Being a ABC audited publication it is read and discussed by most of the key decision makers and advisors to militaries in Asia Pacific. Since 1993, it has become widely recognised as an authoritative provider of unbiased and objective information to its Asian readership comprising of military, government, industry and academia.
Editorial content comprises capability analysis, special reports and relevant news coverage, from the region, making Asian Military Review the preferred professional reading of those working in Asian military and defence organisations. AMR’s network of experienced defence journalists and military writers, provide content that is designed to provide insights and opinions not commonly found in other defence journals.
AMR provides more than 180,000 military professionals, via over 21,000 copies every issue, in the region with information, opinion and facts that allow them to track and understand defence developments worldwide, in terms of the equipment, training, organisation and doctrine issues critical to the creation and sustainment of effective military forces. The magazine is a proven source by which Asian military professionals are kept up to date on issues that affect the militaries ability to effect national and international defence and security issues.
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