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Schommers W. Quantum processes

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Schommers W. Quantum processes
World Scientific Publishing, 2011. — 420 p. — ISBN 9812796568.
Modern physics is based on two theories: Quantum Theory and Theory of Relativity. For all physical developments, from elementary particle physics to cosmological models, these conceptions are of fundamental relevance. Although each conception has its own field of description, both theories could confirm the experimental material fantastically.
This is in a certain sense surprising because quantum theory and theory of relativity have been developed independently from each other. Therefore, one cannot expect, as a matter of course, that both theories describe the experimental material equally well. But they do it with high accuracy for all areas they are responsible. However, appearances are deceptive.
Conventional Quantum Theory
Projection Theory
Free, Non-interacting Systems (Particles)
Some Basic Questions
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