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Hugill A. The Digital Musician

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Hugill A. The Digital Musician
New York: Routledge, 2018. — 349 p.
The Digital Musician, Third Edition is an introductory textbook for creative music technology and electronic music courses. Written to be accessible to students from any musical background, this book examines cultural awareness, artistic identity and musical skills, offering a system-agnostic survey of digital music creation. Each chapter presents creative projects that reinforce concepts, as well as case studies of real musicians and discussion questions for further reflection.
This third edition has been updated to reflect developments in an ever-changing musical landscape - most notably the proliferation of mobile technologies - covering topics such as collaborative composition, virtual reality, data sonification and digital scores, while encouraging readers to adapt to continuous technological changes. With an emphasis on discovering one’s musical voice and identity, and tools and ideas that are relevant in any musical situation, The Digital Musician is sure to be an invaluable student resource for years to come.
Features of the third edition:
Additional case studies, with new interviews exclusive to the third edition
Revised chapter structure with an emphasis on student focus and understanding, featuring additional and expanded chapters
Reinstatement of selected and updated first edition topics, including mixing, mastering and microphones
Companion website featuring case study interviews, a historical listening list, bibliography and many additional projects
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