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Zabel Hartmut (ed.) Medical Physics, Volume 2: Radiology, Lasers, Nanoparticles and Prosthetics

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Zabel Hartmut (ed.) Medical Physics, Volume 2: Radiology, Lasers, Nanoparticles and Prosthetics
De Gruyter, 2017. — 345 p. — ISBN: 978-3-11-055310-9
Medical Physics covers the applied branch of physics concerned with the application of concepts and methods of physics to diagnostics and therapeutics of human diseases. This second volume in a series of two complements the imaging modalities presented in the first volume by those methods, which use ionizing radiation. The first chapters in part A on Radiography provide a solid background on radiation sources, interaction of radiation with matter, and dosimetry for the safe handling of radiation before introducing x-ray radiography, scintigraphy, SPECT and PET.The second part B on Radiotherapy starts from basic information on the life cycle of cells, radiation response of healthy and tumorous cells. In subsequent chapters the main methods of radiation treatment are presented, in particular x-ray radiotherapy, proton and neutron radiation therapy, and brachytherapy. The last part C, Diagnostics and Therapeutics beyond Radiology, covers laser applications, multifunctional nanoparticles and prosthetics.
X-ray generation
Nuclei and isotopes
Interaction of radiation with matter
Radiation detection and protection
X-ray radiography
Positron emission tomography
Cell cycle and cancer
X-ray radiotherapy
Charged particle radiotherapy
Neutron radiotherapy
Diagnostics and therapeutics beyond radiology
Laser applications in medicine
Nanoparticles for nanomedical applications
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