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Latorre Felipe A. The Mexican Kickapoo Indians

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Latorre Felipe A. The Mexican Kickapoo Indians
University of Texas Press, 1976. — 434 p.
This book is proof positive of a history otherwise untold, the fact that the indigenous people of the Midwest did not "disappear," but survived. It establishes positively and beyond a doubt the untold "Trail of Tears" that the survivors followed, ever to the South and West and into the lands of the Mexican Catholics. There, most of them assimilated into the Latino identity and found relative safety by converting to Catholicism and gaining an "alma," or Christian soul, which saved their descendants from the worst of the pogroms. But somehow the Kickapoo, fortunately for those us us interested in learning the real story, kept their language, culture, and distinct identity.
The book is an anthropological treatise, and as such is long on the details identifying the woodland origin of the Mexican band of the Kickapoo. It is also a book well worth owning, because, until DNA comparisons of the remains of the "lost tribes" and the people of northern Mexico are carried out, it is the sole proof of what happened to the Native Americans of those states who bear "Indian" names.
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