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Shute Z. Advanced JavaScript

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Packt Publishing, 2019. — 330 p. — ISBN 978789800104.
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Gain a deeper understanding of JavaScript and apply it to build small applications in backend, frontend, and mobile frameworks.
Key Features
Explore the new ES6 syntax, the event loop, and asynchronous programming
Learn the test-driven development approach when building apps
Master advanced JavaScript concepts to enhance your web developments skill
Book Description
If you are looking for a programming language to develop flexible and efficient applications, JavaScript is an obvious choice. Advanced JavaScript is a hands-on guide that takes you through JavaScript and its many features, one step at a time. You'll begin by learning how to use the new JavaScript syntax in ES6, and then work through the many other features that modern JavaScript has to offer. As you progress through the chapters, you'll use asynchronous programming with callbacks and promises, handle browser events, and perform Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation. You'll also explore various methods of testing JavaScript projects. In the concluding chapters, you'll discover functional programming and learn to use it to build your apps. With this book as your guide, you'll also be able to develop APIs using Node.js and Express, create front-ends using React/Redux, and build mobile apps using React/Expo.
By the end of Advanced JavaScript, you will have explored the features and benefits of JavaScript to build small applications.
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