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Brown G.W., Yamey G., Wamala S. (eds.) The Handbook of Global Health Policy

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Brown G.W., Yamey G., Wamala S. (eds.) The Handbook of Global Health Policy
John Wiley & Sons, 2014. — 634 p. — (Handbook of Global Policy Series). — ISBN 0470674199.
The Handbook of Global Health Policy provides a definitive source of the key areas in the field. It examines the ethical and practical dimensions of new and current policy models and their effect on the future development of global health and policy.
Maps out key debates and policy structures involved in all areas of global health policy.
Isolates and examines new policy initiatives in global health policy.
Provides an examination of these initiatives that captures both the ethical/critical as well as practical/empirical dimensions involved with global health policy, global health policy formation and its implications.
Confronts the theoretical and practical questions of 'who gets what and why' and 'how, when and where?'.
Captures the views of a wide array of scholars and practitioners, including from low- and middle-income countries, to ensure an inclusive view of current policy debates.
Global Health Policy and Global Health Governance.
Narrowing the Gap Between Knowledge and Action.
The Politics of Risk, Disease, and Neglect.
Diplomacy, Security, and Humanitarianism.
Financing and the Political Economy of Global Health.
Health Rights and Partnerships.
Beyond Globalization.
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