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Caulkins Douglas D., Jordan Ann T. (eds.) A Companion to Organizational Anthropology

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Caulkins Douglas D., Jordan Ann T. (eds.) A Companion to Organizational Anthropology
Chichester, UK. Wiley-Blackwellб 2013. — 563 p. — (Wiley Blackwell Companions to Anthropology).
The first comprehensive guide to anthropological studies of complex organizations
Offers the first comprehensive reference to the anthropological study of complex organizations
Details how organizational theory and research in business has adopted anthropology’s key concept of culture, inspiring new insights into organizational dynamics and development
Highlights pioneering theoretical perspectives ranging from symbolic and semiotic approaches to neuroscientific frameworks for studying contemporary organizations
Addresses the comparative and cross-cultural dimensions of multinational corporations and of non-governmental organizations working in the globalizing economy
Topics covered include organizational dynamics, entrepreneurship, innovation, social networks, cognitive models and team building, organizational dysfunctions, global networked organizations, NGOs, unions, virtual communities, corporate culture and social responsibility
Presents a body of work that reflects the breadth and depth of the field of organizational anthropology and makes the case for the importance of the field in the anthropology of the twenty-first century.
Notes on Contributors
Expanding the Field of Organizational Anthropology for the Twenty-first Century
Critique and Theory
The Organization of Anthropology and Higher Education in the United States
The Changing Rhetoric of Corporate Culture
New Institutional Approaches to Formal Organizations
Entrepreneurship Studies
Neurological Model of Organizational Culture
Methods and Analysis
Social Networks and Organizations
A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understand Global Networked Organizations
Measuring Organizational Dynamics
Semiotics of Organizations
An Ethnography of Numbers
Managing Conflict on Organizational Partnerships
Organizational Processes
Working on Work Organizations
Organizational Innovation Is a Participative Process
Communities of Practice
Organizational Networks and Social Capital
American Labor Unions as Organizations
Virtual Organizations
Sustaining Social Sector Organizations
Globalization, Development, and Modernization
The Contemporary World of Finance
Globalization, Modernization, and Complex Organizations
Chinese Business Ventures into China
Corporate Social Responsibility: Interaction between Market and Community
NGOs and Community Development: Assessing the Contributions from Sen’s Perspective of Freedom
Why Are Indigenous Organizations Declining in Latin America?
Australian Indigenous Organizations
Organization of Schooling in Three Countries
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