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Tripathy A. et al. Operations Research in Development Sector

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Tripathy A. et al. Operations Research in Development Sector
Springer, 2019. — 129 p. — (Asset Analytics). — ISBN 9789811319532, 9789811319549.
Arabinda Tripathy, Rabi Narayan Subudhi, Srikanta Patnaik, Jyotiranjan Nayak
This book analyzes the underlying theoretical principles of multi-objective linear programming problems with multi-choice parameters. It studies transportation problems on the same domain with extension to fuzzy stochastic criteria, and offers insights into sensitivity analysis through symmetric duality and complementarity using non-convex programming. These analytical presentations provide ample scope for researchers to contemplate real-world problems with an innovative vision. The formulation, analysis and solution procedures on inventory control models in the book use both deterministic and fuzzy parameters, and provide novel optimal inventory policies.
The book discusses a wide range of optimal operational techniques for policy makers, government and private agencies in the fields of e-governance and agricultural crop insurance, which are crucial for developing countries. The recommendations address the gaps and remedies in various schemes that influence decision-making in the context of the economic development of such countries.
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