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Gillam Stephen, Yates J., Badrinath P. (eds.) Essential Public Health: Theory and Practice

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Gillam Stephen, Yates J., Badrinath P. (eds.) Essential Public Health: Theory and Practice
2nd edition. — Cambridge University Press, 2012. — 348 p. — ISBN: 9781107601765
How can society most effectively prevent disease and promote health? That is the challenge addressed by this textbook. Public health is the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organised efforts of society. The 'science' is concerned with making a diagnosis of a population's health problems, establishing their cause and determining effective interventions. The 'art' lies in creatively addressing these problems. Essential Public Health captures both the art and science of the field. This second edition has been fully updated with contemporary examples and includes new chapters on sustainability and change, management and leadership. Examples are taken from health systems throughout the world, giving readers a wider perspective of the challenges faced. This is essential reading for all trainees in health care, social care and related disciplines. An internet companion includes supplementary information and interactive, self-assessment questions to test understanding and aid learning.
The Public Health Toolkit:
Management, leadership and change
The health status of the population
Evidence-based health care
Health needs assessment
Decision making in the health care sector – the role of public health
Improving population health
Health protection and communicable disease control
Improving quality of care
Contexts for Public Health Practice:
The health of children and young people
Adult public heath
Public health and ageing
Health inequalities and public health practice
Health policy
International development and public health
Sustainable development – the opportunities and the challenges for the public's health
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