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Sparking Innovations in Electric Flight

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Sparking Innovations in Electric Flight
Catalog. — Champaign, Great Planes Model Distributors Company, 2009. — 27 p.
For many modelers, electric flight is something new, exciting…and a little bit intimidating. Learning which brands to trust, where the values are and how to performance-match components can be tough. But ElectriFly makes it simple. We don’t make just motors or only batteries; we offer everything for electric flight. Electric aircraft and servos to move their control surfaces. Motors to power them and matching ESCs to control them. Batteries and chargers, spinners and mounts, props and adapters and more. Performance compatibility is guaranteed, because every product is designed to work together. Connectors for matching components are always compatible and usually installed, for instant, plug-n-play use. And component quality is a given, because all ElectriFly products were designed the same way: by looking at the current state-of-the-art — and then looking for ways to make them better. All it took to make glow-to- RimFire conversions easier was to rename each motor for the glow displacement it replaced. Simpler, easier, better ideas for electric flight— ElectriFly.
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