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Boy Scouts of America. The Official Handbook for Boys

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Boy Scouts of America. The Official Handbook for Boys
Eleventh Edition. — New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1914. — 473 p.
The Boy Scout Movement has become almost universal, and vherever organized its leaders are glad, as we are, to acknowldge the debt we all owe to Lieut.-Gen. Sir Robert S. S. Baden-owell, who has done so much to make the movement of interest o boys of all nations. The BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA is a corporation formed by a group of men who are anxious that the boys of America hould come under the influence of this movement and be built ip in all that goes to make character and good citizenship, rhe affairs of the organization are managed by a National
Council, composed of some of the most prominent men of our ountry, who gladly and freely give their time and money that his purpose may be accomplished. In the various cities, towns, and villages the welfare of the boy scouts is cared for by local councils, and these councils, ike the National Council, are composed of men who are seeking or the boys of the community the very best things.
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