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Pinilla Vicente, Willebald Henry (eds.) Agricultural Development in the World Periphery: A Global Economic History Approach

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Pinilla Vicente, Willebald Henry (eds.) Agricultural Development in the World Periphery: A Global Economic History Approach
Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. — 519 p. — ISBN 978-3-319-66019-6, 978-3-319-66020-2.
This book brings together analysis on the conditions of agricultural sectors in countries and regions of the world’s peripheries, from a wide variety of international contributors. The contributors to this volume proffer an understanding of the processes of agricultural transformations and their interaction with the overall economies of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Looking at the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – the onset of modern economic growth – the book studies the relationship between agriculture and other economic sectors, exploring the use of resources (land, labour, capital) and the influence of institutional and technological factors in the long-run performance of agricultural activities. Pinilla and Willebald challenge the notion that agriculture played a negligible role in promoting economic development in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, when the impulse towards industrialization in the developing world was more impactful.
Agricultural Development in the World Periphery: A General Overview
Between the Engine and the Fifth Wheel: An Analytical Survey of the Shifting Roles of Agriculture in Development Theory
The World Periphery in Global Agricultural and Food Trade, 1900–2000
Plantations and Economic Development in the Twentieth Century: The End of an Era?
Ghana’s Recurrent Miracle: Cocoa Cycles and Deficient Structural Change
Initial Conditions and Agricultural Development in Zambia, 1915–2015
Maize and Gold: South African Agriculture’s Transition from Suppression to Support, 1886–1948
The Agriculture–Macroeconomy Growth Link in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh: 1900–2000
Southeast Asian Agricultural Growth: 1930–2010
The Two Rice Deltas of Vietnam: A Century of Failure and Success
Transforming Indonesia: Structural Change from a Regional Perspective, 1968–2010
Perspectives on Agricultural and Grain Output Growth in China from the 19th Century to the Present Day
The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs? Agricultural Development in Latin America in the 20th Century
Agricultural Development in Australia: 1845–2015
From Backwardness to Global Agricultural Powerhouse: The Transition of Brazilian Agriculture
Development Models, Agricultural Policies and Agricultural Growth: Peru, 1950–2010
Land Frontier Expansion in Settler Economies, 1830–1950: Was It a Ricardian Process?
Technological Change and Productivity Growth in the Agrarian Systems of New Zealand and Uruguay (1870–2010)
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