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Di Bartolo B. (Ed.) Collective Excitations in Solids

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Di Bartolo B. (Ed.) Collective Excitations in Solids
New York & London: Plenum Press, 1983. — xxii, 716 p.
This book presents an account of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Collective Excitations in Solids," held in Erice, Italy, from June 15 to June 29, 1981. This meeting was organized by the International School of Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy of the "Ettore Majorana" Centre for Scientific Culture. The objective of the Institute was to formulate a unified and coherent treatment of various collective excitation processes by drawing on the current advances in various branches of the physics of the solid state. A total of 74 participants came from 54 laboratories and 20 nations. The secretaries of the course were: Joseph Danko for the scientific aspects and Nino La Francesca for the administrative aspects of the meeting. Fourty-four lectures divided in eleven series were given..
Quantum Mechanical Description of Solids
Introduction to Collective Excitations in Solids
Quasi-Particles and Excitons: Models of Structure and Correlation
Coherent Wavepackets of Phonons
Introduction to Exciton Physics
Excitons in Semiconductors
Excitons in Insulators
Inelastic Scattering of Fast Particles by Plasmons
From Magnons to Solitons
Quasiparticles in Magnetic Metals
Surface Collective Excitations
Collective Excitations in Concentrated Mn 2+ Systems: Special Properties
Optical Dynamics in Concentrated Mn 2+ Systems
Spectroscopy of Stoichiometric Laser Materials: Excitons or Incoherent Transfers
Electron-Hole Droplets in Semiconductors
Excitons and Plasmons: Collective Excitations in Semiconductors
Picosecond Exciton Phenomena in Chlorophyll Complexes
Bose-Einstein Statistics in Exciton Systems
Small Polarons in Biological Systems [1, 2]
Perspectives of Free Electron Lasers In Solids
Present Trends in Collective Excitations in Solids
Back Matter
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