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Bredies K., Lorenz D. Mathematical Image Processing

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Bredies K., Lorenz D. Mathematical Image Processing
Springer, 2019. — 481 p. — (Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis). — ISBN 3030014576.
This book addresses the mathematical aspects of modern image processing methods, with a special emphasis on the underlying ideas and concepts. It discusses a range of modern mathematical methods used to accomplish basic imaging tasks such as denoising, deblurring, enhancing, edge detection and inpainting. In addition to elementary methods like point operations, linear and morphological methods, and methods based on multiscale representations, the book also covers more recent methods based on partial differential equations and variational methods.
Review of the German Edition: The overwhelming impression of the book is that of a very professional presentation of an appropriately developed and motivated textbook for a course like an introduction to fundamentals and modern theory of mathematical image processing. Additionally, it belongs to the bookcase of any office where someone is doing research/application in image processing.
Table of contents
Mathematical Preliminaries
Basic Tools
Frequency and Multiscale Methods
Partial Differential Equations in Image Processing
Variational Methods
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