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Fulde P. Electron Correlations in Molecules and Solids

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Fulde P. Electron Correlations in Molecules and Solids
3rd Edition. — Springer, 1995. — 499 p.
Quantum chemistry and solid-state theory are two important related fields of research that have grown up with almost no cross communication. This book bridges the gap between the two. In the first half, new concepts for treating weak and strong correlations are developed, and standard quantum chemical methods as well as density functional integral, and Monte Carlo methods are discussed. The second half discusses applications of the theory to molecules, semiconductors, homogeneous metallic systems, transition metals, and strongly correlated systems such as heavy-fermion systems and the new high-T superconducting materials.
The Independent-Electron Approximation
Density Functional Theory
Quantum-Chemical Approach to Electron Correlations
The Projection Technique and Use of Local Operators
Excited States
Finite-Temperature Techniques
Correlations in Atoms and Molecules
Semiconductors and Insulators
Homogeneous Metallic Systems
Transition Metals
Strongly Correlated Electrons
Heavy-Fermion Systems
Superconductivity and the High-T c materials
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