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Uicker J.J. Jr., Pennock G.R., Shigley J.E. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

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Uicker J.J. Jr., Pennock G.R., Shigley J.E. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
5th edition. — Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017. — 977 p.
The tremendous growth of scientific knowledge over the past 50 years has resulted in an intense pressure on the engineering curricula of many universities to substitute “modern” subjects in place of subjects perceived as weaker or outdated. The result is that, for some, the kinematics and dynamics of machines has remained a critical component of the curriculum and a requirement for all mechanical engineering students, while at others, a course on these subjects is only made available as an elective topic for specialized study by a small number of engineering students. Some schools, depending largely on the faculty, require a greater emphasis on mechanical design at the expense of depth of knowledge in analytical techniques. Rapid advances in technology, however, have produced a need for a textbook that satisfies the requirement of new and changing course structures.
Much of the new knowledge in the theory of machines and mechanisms currently exists in a large variety of technical journals and manuscripts, each couched in its own singular language and nomenclature and each requiring additional background for clear comprehension. It is possible that the individual published contributions could be used to strengthen engineering courses if the necessary foundation was provided and a common notation and nomenclature was established. These new developments could then be integrated into existing courses to provide a logical, modern, and comprehensive whole. The purpose of this book is to provide the background that will allow such an integration.
This book is intended to cover that field of engineering theory, analysis, design, and practice that is generally described as mechanisms or as kinematics and dynamics of machines. Although this text is written primarily for students of mechanical engineering, the content can also be of considerable value to practicing engineers throughout their professional careers.
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