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Roberts J.B., Spanos P.D. Random vibration and statistical linearization

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Roberts J.B., Spanos P.D. Random vibration and statistical linearization
Mineola: Dover, 2003. — 481 p.
Coherent and self-contained, this volume explains the general method of statistical, or equivalent, linearization and its use in solving random vibration problems. Numerous examples, drawn from a wide variety of engineering problems, offer advanced undergraduate and graduate students a comprehensive view of the method's practical applications.
Subjects include general equations of motion and the representation of non-linearities, probability theory and stochastic processes, elements of linear random vibration theory, statistical linearization for simple systems with stationary response, statistical linearization of multi-degree of freedom systems with stationary response, and non-stationary problems. Additional topics include systems with hysteretic non-linearity, relaxation of the Gaussian response assumption, and accuracy of statistical linearization.
This updated edition features exclusive material newly prepared by Dr. Spanos, including an appendix, preface, and corrections to the original. 1990 edition.
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