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Piskunov N.S. Differential and integral calculus

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Piskunov N.S. Differential and integral calculus
Translated from the Russian by G. Yankovsky. — Moscow: Mir Publishers, 1969. — 896 p.
This text is designed as a course of mathematics for higher technical school. It contains many worked examples that illustrate the theoretical material and serve as models for solving problems.
The first two chapters "Number. Variable. Function" and "Limit. Continuity of a Function" have been made as short as possible. Some of the questions that are usually discussed in these chapters have been put in the third and subsequent chapters without loss of continuity. This has made it possible to take up very early the basic concept of differential calculus — the derivative — which is required in the study of technical subjects. Experience has shown this arrangement of the material to be the best and most convenient for the student.
A large number of problems have been included, many of which illustrate the interrelationships of mathematics and other disciplines. The problems are specially selected (and in sufficient number) for each section of the course thus helping the student to master the theoretical material. To a large extent, this makes the use of a separate book of problems unnecessary and extends the usefulness of this text as a course of mathematics for self-instruction.
Nikolai Semenovich Piskunov (1908-1977) — soviet mathematician and mechanic.
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