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EnglishMag 2018 №01Q

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EnglishMag 2018 №01Q
EnglishMag (English Magazine) is an interactive quarterly magazine published in Moscow, with a circulation of 500 copies. It is the magazine for English learners and also for English-speaking tourists who want to know more about Russia and events happening in Russia. It is distributed free of charge at hotels, cafés, state libraries and schools and is also available by subscription https://www.englishmag.ru . You can also find the magazine in bookstores "Библио Глобус", "Молодая Гвардия", "Московский Дом Книги". The magazine is popular among foreign citizens and Russians who want to improve their language. In December 2018 the magazine increased the number of pages from 48 to 56 including a pull-out workbook with exercises.
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