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Gadag R.V., Shetty A.N. Engineering Chemistry

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Gadag R.V., Shetty A.N. Engineering Chemistry
3rd Edition. — I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Lim.: 2014. — 296 p. — ISBN 9384588024.
Engineering Chemistry presents the subject with the aim of providing clear and sufficient understanding of chemistry to the students of engineering, as the same is imperative for any successful engineering. Some chapters in the book deal with the basic principles of chemistry while others are focused on its applied aspects, providing the correct interphase between the principles of chemistry and engineering.
Salient Features
-Chapters cover both basic principles of chemistry as also its applied aspects.
-Written in easy self-explanatory language and in depth at the same time.
-Clear diagrams and solved numerical problems included wherever required.
-Review questions provided at the end of each chapter.
-A separate section Laboratory Manual comprising 12 experiments is appended at the end of the book.
Table of Contents
Electrochemical Cells
Battery Technology
Corrosion and its Control
Metal Finishing
Fuels (Energy Sources)
Solar Energy
High Polymers
Water Treatment
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