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Harris C.M., Piersol A.G. Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook

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Harris C.M., Piersol A.G. Harris' Shock and Vibration Handbook
Fifth Edition. — МсGrаw-Нill Professional, 2002. — 1457 p. — ISBN: 978-007137081-3.
This is the classic work on shock and vibration - expanded and updated to incorporate the latest advances, theories, and materials - and the only book you'll ever need on the subject. Invaluable to engineers specializing in mechanical, aeronautical, acoustical, civil, electrical, and transportation engineering, Hthe bookis a valuable guide to the solution of shock and vibration problems.
Written by a team of hands-on internationally recognized experts, this book logically covers three major subject areas:
- The basic theory of shock and vibration
- Measurement, testing, design, and control methodologies
- Practical applications of theory
CONTENTS: Introduction to the Handbook; Basic Vibration Theory; Vibration of a Resiliently Supported Rigid Body; Nonlinear Vibration; Self-Excited Vibration; Dynamic Vibration Absorbers and Auxiliary Mass Dampers; Vibration of Systems Having Distributed Mass and Elasticity; Transient Response to Step and Pulse Functions; Effect of Impact on Structures; Mechanical Impedance; Statistical Methods for Analyzing Vibrating Systems; Vibration Transducers; Vibration Measurement Instrumentation; Vibration Analyzers and Their Use; Measurement Techniques; Condition Monitoring of Machinery; Strain-Gage Instrumentation; Calibration of Pickups; Shock and Vibration Standards; Test Criteria and Specifications; Experimental Modal Analysis; Concepts in Vibration Data Analysis; Concepts in Shock Data Analysis; Vibration of Structures Induced by Ground Motion; Vibration Testing Machines; Shock Testing Machines; Pyroshock Testing; Application of Digital Computers; Matrix Methods of Analysis; Finite Element Models; Vibration of Structures Induced by Fluid Flow; Vibration of Structures Induced by Wind; Vibration of Structures Induced by Sound; Theory of Vibration Isolation; Theory of Shock Isolation; Shock and Vibration Isolators and Isolation Systems; Mechanical Properties of Rubber; Engineering Properties of Metals; Engineering Properties of Composites; Material Damping and Slip Damping; Applied Damping Treatments; Torsional Vibration in Reciprocating and Rotating Machines; Balancing of Rotating Machinery; Shaft Misalignment of Rotating Machinery; Machine-Tool Vibration; Equipment Design; Effects of Shock and Vibration on Humans.
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