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Nguyen Hoang Thuan. Business Process Crowdsourcing

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Nguyen Hoang Thuan. Business Process Crowdsourcing
Springer International Publishing, 2019. — 155 p. — ISBN 978-3-319-91390-2, 978-3-319-91391-9
This book conceptualises and develops crowdsourcing as an organisational business process. It argues that although for many organisations crowdsourcing still implies an immature one-off endeavour, when developed to a more repeatable business process it can harness innovation and agility. The book offers a process model to guide organisations towards the establishment of business process crowdsourcing (BPC), and empirically showcases and evaluates the model using two current major crowdsourcing projects. In order to consolidate the domain knowledge, the BPC model is turned into a heavyweight ontology capturing the concepts, hierarchical relationships and decision-making relationships necessary to establish crowdsourcing as a business process in an organisation. Lastly, based on the ontology it presents a decision tool that provides advice on making informed decisions about the performance of business process crowdsourcing activities.
Business Process Crowdsourcing: Building Blocks
Business Process Crowdsourcing: Model and Case Study
Ontology of Business Process Crowdsourcing
Business Process Crowdsourcing: Decision Support Tool
Discussion and Conclusion
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