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Joesten M., Castellion M.E., Hogg J.L. The World of Chemistry: Essentials

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Joesten M., Castellion M.E., Hogg J.L. The World of Chemistry: Essentials
4th Edition. — Belmont, USA: Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2007. — 612 p. — ISBN 0-495-01213-0.
Joesten's The World of Chemistry: Essentials is known for effectively presenting chemistry in terms understandable to the non-science major. The Fourth Edition continues to clearly explain the importance of chemistry and the impact it has on students' daily lives by including topics that are interesting to students early in the text and by explaining the relevance of the chemical principles students hear about every day in the news. To help students develop a general appreciation of the effect chemistry has on their lives, the authors take a less-theoretical approach to the basics and offer thought-provoking chapter-opening questions, a wealth of pertinent examples, and NEW "Chemistry in Movies" boxes. Additionally, application chapters are now included earlier in the text to further demonstrate to students the relevance of the chemistry they are studying. OWL (Online Web-based Learning), our fully customizable and flexible web-based homework management system and assessment tool, is now available with this text.
Living in a World of Chemistry
The Chemical View of Matter
Atoms and the Periodic Table
The Air We Breathe
Chemical Bonding and States of Matter
Carbon Dioxide and the Greenhouse Effect
Chlorofluorocarbons and the Ozone Layer
Chemical Reactivity: Chemicals in Action
Acid–Base Reactions
Oxidation–Reduction Reactions
Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a Drop to Drink?
Energy and Hydrocarbons
Nuclear Changes and Nuclear Power
Organic Chemicals and Polymers
The Chemistry of Life
Nutrition: The Basis of Healthy Living
Chemistry and Medicine
The Chemistry of Useful Materials
Feeding the World
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