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Crawley M.J. (ed.) Plant ecology

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Crawley M.J. (ed.) Plant ecology
2nd Edition. — Blackwell Publishing, 1997. — 717 c. — ISBN 918-632-3639-4.
The second edition revens to the traditional sequence of things, with the physiology introduced first, then the populations, then the communities and, finally, the applied ecosystem-level processes. Material that was not covered by rhe firsT ediTion, bur which is dealt with here, includes water relations, secondary chemistry, sex, seeds, plant defences, herbivory, the theory of community dynamics, pollution, climate change and biodiversity. There is much more ofan evolutionary emphasis on trade-offs and plam life history throughout the text. The level of the book, and I hope its tone, are the same. The idea is to present something of the excitement of current plam ecology and to highlight the critical issues rather than to gloss over them or to pretend that we have all ofthe answers.
Plant Water Relations,
Nutrient Acquisition
Life History and Environment
Plant Secondary Metabolism
Seed Dormancy
Mechanisms of Plant Competition
Ecology of Pollination and Seed Dispersal
The Structure of Plant Populations
Plant Population Dynamics,
Plant-Herbivore Dynamics
The Structure of Plant Communities
Dynamics of Plant Communities
Plants in Trophic Webs
Plants and Pollution
Climate Change and Vegerarion
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