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Polo J., Martín-Pomares L., Sanfilippo A. (Eds.) Solar Resources Mapping: Fundamentals and Applications

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Polo J., Martín-Pomares L., Sanfilippo A. (Eds.) Solar Resources Mapping: Fundamentals and Applications
Springer, 2019. — 376 p. — (Green Energy and Technology). — ISBN-10 3319974831.
This book presents methods for optimising the spatial and network configuration of solar radiation measuring stations. Various physical and mathematical models are demonstrated, which together with high quality measurements, provide the essential tools to generate and validate solar resource estimates to improve the mapping of solar resources.
Each chapter deals with a specific topic, showing its methodology, and providing examples of how to apply these techniques with reference to current projects around the world. These topics include:
Radiometric measurement campaigns;
Equipment calibration, installation, operation, and maintenance;
Data quality assurance and assessment;
Solar radiation modelling from satellite images and numerical models;
Downscaling and kriging interpolation of solar radiation;
Simulation of electric solar power plant generation;
Solar radiation forecasting;
Applications of solar energy; and
Socio-economic benefits of solar energy.
The contributors present the statistical and physical models needed to derive solar radiation from satellite images and numerical models, emphasising the importance of measuring solar radiation accurately. They also show the classical models used to generate synthetic data, clear sky models and ancillary air quality and meteorological data from different input sources.
Solar Resources Mapping provides industry professionals with methodologies and tools to build solar irradiance maps for different applications. The book will also benefit students and researchers as it serves as a main technical reference, presenting the basic terminology and fundamentals for solar resource mapping that include methods for assessing measurement uncertainty.
Table of contents:
Fundamentals: Quantities, Definitions, and Units.
Solar Radiation Measurement and Solar Radiometers.
Establishing a Solar Monitoring Station with Auxiliary Measurements.
Quality Assurance of Solar Radiation Measurements.
Clear-Sky Radiation Models and Aerosol Effects.
Solar Radiation Modeling from Satellite Imagery.
Solar Resource Evaluation with Numerical Weather Prediction Models.
Solar Radiation Interpolation.
Basics on Mapping Solar Radiation Gridded Data.
Sampling Design Optimization of Ground Radiometric Stations.
Solar Power Plant Performance.
Solar Radiation Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Its Implications for Power Grid Management.
Demand-Side Management for PV Grid Integration.
Concentrating Solar Power and Desalination Plants.
Solar Water Detoxification.
Solar Nowcasting.
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