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Kabalci E., Kabalci Y. (Eds.) Smart Grids and Their Communication Systems

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Kabalci E., Kabalci Y. (Eds.) Smart Grids and Their Communication Systems
Springer, 2019. — 661 p. — (Energy Systems in Electrical Engineering). — ISBN 978-981-13-1767-5.
The book presents a broad overview of emerging smart grid technologies and communication systems, offering a helpful guide for future research in the field of electrical engineering and communication engineering. It explores recent advances in several computing technologies and their performance evaluation, and addresses a wide range of topics, such as the essentials of smart grids for fifth generation (5G) communication systems. It also elaborates the role of emerging communication systems such as 5G, internet of things (IoT), IEEE 802.15.4 and cognitive radio networks in smart grids. The book includes detailed surveys and case studies on current trends in smart grid systems and communications for smart metering and monitoring, smart grid energy storage systems, modulations and waveforms for 5G networks. As such, it will be of interest to practitioners and researchers in the field of smart grid and communication infrastructures alike.
Table of contents
Introduction to Smart Grid Architecture
Applications and Requirements of Smart Grid
Technical Challenges and Enhancements in Smart Grid Applications
Smart Metering Systems Based on Power Line Communications
requency Estimation Methods for Smart Grid Systems
Demand-Side Management and Demand Response for Smart Grid
Energy Management System for Renewable Distributed Generation and Energy Storage
Demand Response from Residential Consumers: Potentials, Barriers, and Solutions
Standards and Communication Systems in Smart Grid
5G Mobile Communication Systems: Fundamentals, Challenges, and Key Technologies
5G Communication Networks and Modulation Schemes for Next-Generation Smart Grids
Optical Communications and Modulation Techniques in 5G
Internet of Things on Power Line Communications: An Experimental Performance Analysis
Beyond IoT: Adaptive Approaches to Collaborative Smart Environments
IEEE 802.15.4 Technologies for Smart Grids
Robust Advanced Metering Infrastructures and Networks for Smart Grid
Cyber Security Objectives and Requirements for Smart Grid
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