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Pugnaire F.I., Valladares F. (eds.) Handbook of Functional Plant Ecology

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Pugnaire F.I., Valladares F. (eds.) Handbook of Functional Plant Ecology
Marcel Dekker Inc., 1999. — 920 p. — ISBN 0-8247-1950-6.
The Handbook of Functional Plant Ecology reflects the diversity of research into functional plant ecology, providing readers with the broadest possible view. Our aim was to include original reviews in a readable style, giving a comprehensive overview of the topic with a historical perspective when needed. The book is intended for a broad audience, from practicing plant ecologists to students, with characteristics of both a textbook and a collection of essays. When commissioning chapters for this book, we were not interested in presentation of new experimental data or novel theoretical intepretations or hypotheses. Instead, we asked the contributors to produce an up-to-date introduction to each topic
and to incorporate their opinions on future directions where possible. Given the substantial number of potential topics, deciding the composition of the book was not an easy task; practicality ultimately limited the contents to 24 chapters.
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