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Sigg D.C., Iaizzo P.A., Xiao Y.-F., He B. (eds.) Cardiac Electrophysiology Methods and Models

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Sigg D.C., Iaizzo P.A., Xiao Y.-F., He B. (eds.) Cardiac Electrophysiology Methods and Models
Springer, 2010. — 490 p. — ISBN: 978-1-4419-6657-5
Biomedical, pharmaceutical and medical personnel are interested in studying aspects of arrhythmias at a basic, translational and applied level. The overall understanding of the molecular basis of disease has dramatically increased, as well as the number of available and emerging molecular, pharmacological and device treatment based therapies. Cardiac Electrophysiology Methods and Models will review key research methods and protocols in cardiac electrophysiology with a focus on advantages, pitfalls, practical implementation and collaborative cross-functional research.
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology: An Overview of Its Evolution
Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology: Excitable Membranes
Cardiac Action Potentials, Ion Channels, and Gap Junctions
Anatomy and Physiology of the Cardiac Conduction System
The Electrocardiogram and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
Methods and Models
Principles of Electrophysiological In Vitro Measurements
Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiological Modeling
Computer Modeling of Electrical Activation: From Cellular Dynamics to the Whole Heart
Detection and Measurement of Cardiac Ion Channels
Cell Culture Models and Methods
Isolated Tissue Models
Isolated Heart Models
Small Animal Models for Arrhythmia Studies
Use of Large Animal Models for Cardiac Electrophysiology Studies
Optical Mapping and Calcium Imaging
Electrophysiology of Single Cardiomyocytes: Patch Clamp and Other Recording Methods
Invasive Electroanatomical Mapping and Navigation
Cardiac Electrophysiological Imaging: Solving the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography
Traditional Electrophysiological Mapping
Multi-channel System for Analysis of Cardiac Rhythmicity and Conductivity In Vitro
Cardiac CT/MRI Imaging for Electrophysiology
Putting It All Together
Introduction to Translational Research
Clinical Perspective: Electrophysiology in the Young and Patients with Congenital Heart Disease
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