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Osprey Fortress №058. Foster Randy E.M. Vietnam Firebases 1965-73

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Osprey Fortress №058. Foster Randy E.M. Vietnam Firebases 1965-73
Osprey Publishing, 2007 — 64 p. — ISBN 9781846031038
Artillery fire support bases of the Freeworld forces played a critical role in the conduct of operations during the Vietnam War. They served to lay down high-volume fire on enemy firing sites, supported friendly infantry operations, and executed harassing fire missions where exact targets were not known. But the firebases themselves - which housed a range of other facilities such as troop shelters, surveillance radars and command centers - had to be defended against ground attack, and as a result became significant fortifications in their own right. This book describes the design, development and operational history of the fire support bases throughout the conflict.
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