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Martin Phil. SHARKS in the MOAT: How to Create Truly Secure Software

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Martin Phil. SHARKS in the MOAT: How to Create Truly Secure Software
Nonce, 2019. — 635 p.
Believe it or not, there is a striking similarity between medieval castle design and how we protect networks and data in the 21st century. By examining how our ancestors fought off invading armies, it becomes much easier to understand the latest strategies for keeping hackers at-bay. This book is designed for anyone who wants to understand how to create and deploy secure software that can stand up to the most malevolent attacks by the bad guys. Whether you are a PM, product owner, developer, architect, tester, DevOps or infrastructure team member, DBA, engineering manager, security manager, in charge of change management or even a security auditor – there is a mountain of information for you specifically. Obviously, since this is a book on creating secure software, the developer and architect roles have the most information, but even those two roles together represent less than half of the book’s content. As a bonus, once you finish reading the content inside, you will be more than prepared to take the Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional exam, or CSSLP exam, if you wish to do so.This book is also available as an audio book read by the author.
The phrase ‘secure software’ means different things to various people. If you are a developer, then code snippets might start dancing around in your head. If you are an architect, visions of design patterns and technology platforms will probably begin to form. For product people, aligning to various security standards might come to mind, while infrastructure folks start dreaming of patches and intrusion detection systems.
The real answer is that all of those responses are correct – from each person’s point of view. Making software secure requires good code, implementing the right standards, hardening infrastructure and employing the best enterprise security patterns, plus a whole lot more. Slinging good code is just a part of the puzzle, albeit a major part.
So, what will this book do for you?
It will teach you how to document, design, implement, test, deploy, maintain and retire software in a secure manner.
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