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Frison George C. Prehistoric Hunters of the High Plains

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Frison George C. Prehistoric Hunters of the High Plains
Academic Press, 1978. — 478 p.
The Northwestern Plains is developing a unique and viable archeology, offering students choosing their future research topics in this exciting time a variety of possibilities. The entire area of the Northwestern Plains - mountains, foothills, and plains - has been a testing ground for human ingenuity. It provides an unusual opportunity to study more than 11,000 years of prehistroic hunting and gathering. Prehistoric Hunters of the High Plains synthesizes what was a disparate body of data on the prehistory of the Northwestern Plains and presents it in rational and understandable terms.
Key Features
- Examines the prehistoric cultural chronology and the sources of the data for the Northwestern High Plains
- Presents prehistoric hunting and gathering subsistence strategies for the Northwestern High Plains
- Takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of archaeology using the data from geology, soils, faunal analysis, pollen, and phytolith studies
- Provides a methodology for data recovery
George C. Frison is Professor Emeritus of anthropology at the University of Wyoming. He served as Wyoming’s first state archaeologist and as president of the Plains Anthropologist Society and the Society of American Archaeology. He is the author or coauthor of numerous publications including Survival by Hunting, The Mill Iron Site, and Hell Gap: A Stratified Paleoindian Campsite at the Edge of the Rockies with Marcel Kornfeld and Mary Lou Larsen (University of Utah Press, 2009).
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