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Oxtoby D.W., Gillis H.P., Campion A. Principles of Modern Chemistry

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Oxtoby D.W., Gillis H.P., Campion A. Principles of Modern Chemistry
Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2008. 1104 p. 6-th Edition. ISBN-13: 978-0-534-49366-0
Principles of Modern Chemistry has long been considered the standard book for the course, and this modern text has been significantly revised at the sentence level to make it more student-centered and friendly. Authors David W. Oxtoby and H. P. Gillis are now joined by respected researcher and professor, Alan Campion of the University of Texas-Austin, who brings his expertise on surface physics and chemistry and condensed matter spectroscopy to the sixth edition. Principles of Modern Chemistry has the well-earned reputation of being the most chemically and mathematically accurate and rigorous book on the market, and this edition is no exception. Generated at the Texas Advanced Computing Center at UT-Austin, new mathematically accurate artistic representations of atomic and molecular orbitals will help you easily derive information visually and see how the orbital equations translate into the orbitals' shapes.
Introduction to the Study of Modern Chemistry
The Atom in Modern Chemistry 2
Chemical Formulas, Chemical Equations, and Reaction Yields
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Chemical Bonding: The Classical Description
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Structure
Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Structure
Bonding in Organic Molecules
Bonding in Transition Metal Compounds and Coordination Complexes
Kinetic Molecular Description of the States of Matter
The Gaseous State
Solids, Liquids, and Phase Transitions
Equilibrium in Chemical Reactions
Thermodynamic Processes and Thermochemistry
Spontaneous Processes and Thermodynamic Equilibrium
Chemical Equilibrium
Acid–Base Equilibria
Solubility and Precipitation Equilibria
Rates of Chemical and Physical Processes
Chemical Kinetics
Nuclear Chemistry
Interaction of Molecules with Light
Structure and Bonding in Solids
Inorganic Materials
Polymeric Materials and Soft Condensed Matter
Scientific Notation and Experimental Error
SI Units, Unit Conversions, Physics for General Chemistry
Mathematics for General Chemistry
Standard Chemical Thermodynamic Properties
Standard Reaction Potentials at 25°C
Physical Properties of the Elements
Solutions to the Odd-Numbered Problems
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