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Reed John. Red Russia: The Triumph of the Bolsheviki

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Reed John. Red Russia: The Triumph of the Bolsheviki
London: The Workers' Socialist Association, 1919. — 26 p.
The real revolution has begun. A11 the swift events of the last eight crowded months—the sudden debacle of Tzarism in February, the brief inglorious attempt of Miliukov to establish a safe and sane bourgeois republic, the rise of Kerensky and the precarious structure of hasty compromise which constituted the Provisional Government— these were merely the prologue to the great drama of naked class-struggle which has now opened. For the first time in history the working-class has seized the power of the state, for its own purposes — and means to keep it. To-day the Bolsheviki are supreme in Russia. The ominous onward march of Kaledin, self-proclaimed military dictator and restorer of middle-class order, has stopped — his own Cossacks are turning against him. Yesterday Kerensky, after his defeat and the surrender of his staff at Galchina, fled in disguise. The news has just come that Moscow, after a bloody battle that wrecked the Kremlin and smashed thousands of lives, is undisputedly in the possession of the Military Revolutionary Committee. As far as anyone can see, there is no force in Russia to challenge the Bolshevik power. And yet, as I write this, in the flash of their success, the new-born revolution of the proletariat is ringed round with a vast fear and hatred.
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