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Oudine Maurice. The First Days of Revolution in Petrograd

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Oudine Maurice. The First Days of Revolution in Petrograd
Shenectady: [n.s.], 1917. — 16 p.
Address by M. A. Oudin Before The Fortnightly Club.
When in Japan last February on the way to Russia, I met a newspaper man and asked him about conditions in the latter country. He replied that he had been out of Russia for two months and could not say; but that I might possibly run into a revolution. The prediction came true. Since that time the political changes there have been vastly greater than my newspaper acquaintance had in mind when he made the above reply to my inquiry. Several times two months have elapsed since I left Russia and I make no pretense of stating what the present political conditions are, much less of predicting what they will be, although recent events have prepared our minds for almost any eventuality. It is not my object to describe the course of that most stupendous event, one of the landmarks in the world’s history, the Russian Revolution, but it will be my endeavor to bring to your minds a picture of Petrograd during the first stirring days of the coup which overthrew a dynasty and gave to an astonished and inexperienced people the unexpected problem of how to govern an Empire.
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