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Li X., Shi Y., Gutman I. Graph Energy

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Li X., Shi Y., Gutman I. Graph Energy
Springer, 2012. — 269 p. — ISBN 1461442192.
This book is about graph energy. The authors have included many of the important results on graph energy, such as the complete solution to the conjecture on maximal energy of unicyclic graphs, the Wagner-Heuberger’s result on the energy of trees, the energy of random graphs or the approach to energy using singular values. It contains an extensive coverage of recent results and a gradual development of topics and the inclusion of complete proofs from most of the important recent results in the area. The latter fact makes it a valuable reference for researchers looking to get into the field of graph energy, further stimulating it with occasional inclusion of open problems. The book provides a comprehensive survey of all results and common proof methods obtained in this field with an extensive reference section. The book is aimed mainly towards mathematicians, both researchers and doctoral students, with interest in the field of mathematical chemistry.
The Chemical Connection
The Coulson Integral Formula
Bounds for the Energy of Graphs
The Energy of Random Graphs
Graphs Extremal with Regard to Energy
Hyperenergetic and Equienergetic Graphs
Hypoenergetic and Strongly Hypoenergetic Graphs
Other Graph Energies
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