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Hayes W.D., Probstein R.F., Hypersonic Inviscid Flow

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Hayes W.D., Probstein R.F., Hypersonic Inviscid Flow
Dover Publications, New York, 2004. — ISBN-13: 978-0486432816. — 624 p.
This treatment of the branch of fluid mechanics known as hypersonic inviscid flow offers a self-contained, unified view of nonequilibrium effects, body geometries, and similitudes available in hypersonic flow and thin shock layer theory. Seeking to cultivate readers' appreciation of theory, the text avoids empirical approaches and focuses on basic theory and related fundamental concepts.
Contents include introductory materials and chapters on small-disturbance theory, Newtonian theory, constant-density solutions, the theory of thin shock layers, numerical methods for blunt-body flows, and other methods for locally supersonic flows.
Geared toward the needs of students and researchers in the field of modern gas dynamics and those of hypersonic aerodynamics, this text is appropriate for graduate-level courses in hyspersonic flow theory as well as courses dealing with compressible flow.
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