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Duncan W.N. Torsional Vibration of Turbomachinery

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Duncan W.N. Torsional Vibration of Turbomachinery
McGraw Hill, New York, 2003. — ISBN-13: 978-0071430371. — 189 p.
Intended as a text for graduate-level engineering students and as a reference for practicing engineers involved with machinery rotary dynamics, this book deals with torsional vibration of rotating machinery, concentrating mainly on turbomachinery and particularly large steam turbine-generators. The book also addresses large machines driven by electric motors, including those with variable speeds. Analytical techniques for calculating machine parameters to avoid torsional vibration problems are described, and design rules are enumerated in general terms. Application case studies and solutions are included, and appendices review introductory material. Readers should have background in vibration analysis and matrix algebra.
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