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Brown C., Ford M. Pearson Baccalaureate Chemistry Higher Level

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Brown C., Ford M. Pearson Baccalaureate Chemistry Higher Level
2nd Edition. — Pearson Education Limited, 2014. — 993 p. — ISBN 9780435994402.
Completely revised new editions of the market-leading Chemistry textbooks for HL and SL, written for the new 2014 Science IB Diploma curriculum. Now with accompanying four-year student access to an enhanced eText, containing simulations, animations, quizzes, worked solutions, videos and much more. Follows the organizational structure of the new Chemistry guide, with a focus on the Essential Ideas, Understanding, Applications & Skills for complete syllabus-matching.
Stoichiometric relationships
Atomic structure
Chemical bonding and structure
Energetics and thermochemistry
Chemical kinetics
Acids and bases
Redox processes
Organic Chemistry
Measurement and data processing and analysis
Option A: Materials
Option B: Biochemistry
Option C: Energy
Option D: Medicinal chemistry
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