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Belleflamme P., Peitz M. Industrial Organization Markets and Stategies

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Belleflamme P., Peitz M. Industrial Organization Markets and Stategies
Cambridge University Press, 2010. — 726 p.
This book can be used as a textbook in an undergraduate or master course in industrial organization economics. It covers many areas of industrial economics, including models of oligopoly and imperfect competition, product differentiation strategies, pricing strategies and research & development strategies. It also includes a number of chapters dealing with competiition policy issues (collusion, mergers, dominant firms, etc.).
Getting started.
What is Markets and Strategies?
Firms, consumers and the market.
Market power.
Static imperfect competition.
Dynamic aspects of imperfect competition.
Sources of market power.
Product differentiation.
Advertising and related marketing strategies.
Consumer inertia.
Pricing strategies and market segmentation.
Group pricing and personalized pricing.
Menu pricing.
Intertemporal price discrimination.
Product quality and information.
Asymmetric information, price and advertising signals.
Marketing tools for experience goods.
Theory of competition policy.
Cartels and tacit collusion.
Horizontal mergers.
Strategic incumbents and entry.
Vertically related markets.
R&D and intellectual property.
Innovation and R&D.
Intellectual property.
Networks, standards and systems.
Markets with network goods.
Strategies for network goods.
Market intermediation.
Markets with intermediated goods.
Information and reputation in intermediated product markets.
Appendix A Game theory.
Appendix B Competition Policy.
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