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Monson R.K. (Ed.) Ecology and the Environment

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Monson R.K. (Ed.) Ecology and the Environment
Springer, 2014. — 675 p. — (The Plant Sciences 08). — ISBN 1461475007.
In this book, plant biology is considered from the perspective of plants and their surrounding environment, including both biotic and abiotic interactions. The intended audience is undergraduate students in the middle or final phases of their programs of study. Topics are developed to provide a rudimentary understanding of how plant-environment interactions span multiple spatiotemporal scales, and how this rudimentary knowledge can be applied to understand the causes of ecosystem vulnerabilities in the face of global climate change and expansion of natural resource use by human societies. In all chapters connections are made from smaller to larger scales of ecological organization, providing a foundation for understanding plant ecology. Where relevant, environmental threats to ecological systems are identified and future research needs are discussed. As future generations take on the responsibility for managing ecosystem goods and services, one of the most effective resources that can be passed on is accumulated knowledge of how organisms, populations, species, communities and ecosystems function and interact across scales of organization. This book is intended to provide some of that knowledge, and hopefully provide those generations with the ability to avoid some of the catastrophic environmental mistakes that prior generations have made.
Plant–Environment Interactions Across Multiple Scales
Plant Biodiversity and Population Dynamics
Assembly of Plant Communities
Plant Pollination and Dispersal
Plant Phenotypic Expression in Variable Environments
Evolutionary Ecology of Chemically Mediated Plant-Insect Interactions
Plant-Microbe Interactions
Patterns and Controls of Terrestrial Primary Production in a Changing World
Ecology of Tropical Rain Forests
Ecology of Temperate Forests
Plants in Deserts
Plants in Alpine Environments
Plants in Arctic Environments
Grassland Ecology
Coastal Wetland Ecology and Challenges for Environmental Management
Near-Coastal Seagrass Ecosystems
Ecology of Marine Phytoplankton
Plants in Changing Environmental Conditions of the Anthropocene
Plant Influences on Atmospheric Chemistry
Biofuel Development from Cellulosic Sources
Plant Ecology and Sustainability Science
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