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Snodgrass R.E. The Anatomy of the Honey Bee

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Snodgrass R.E. The Anatomy of the Honey Bee
Muriwai Books, 2018. — 166 p.
"The Anatomy of the Honey Bee" is a vintage treatise first published in 1910. It deals in detail with the physiognomy, anatomy, and natural history of the honey bee, making it ideal for those with a serious interest in bees and bee-keeping.
"As a world authority on insect anatomy, Snodgrass has given us this book a brilliant account of the anatomy of the honey bee and how it relates to the way that bees develop and how and why they function as they do in their interesting communal life. This book should be in the library of every student of the honey bee and bee behaviour - beekeepers as well as scientists. The book is delightfully written and is enjoyable reading." — American Bee Journal
"This is not just a technical reference book on honey bee anatomy. It is far more, it is essentially a treatise on entomology, using one species as an example, and including a discussion of the fundamentals of embryology, development, and metamorphosis as well as anatomy. The subject of each chapter is approached from the broadest evolutionary point of view, and its horizon includes all the arthropods and beyond, so that the bee really typifies animal life in general. Finally, the language of the book is such that it can be read straight through with pleasure... It is a delight to follow the author through this complete examination of one insect: how it develops, how it grows, and how it operates." — Entomological News
Robert Evans Snodgrass (1875 – 1962) was an American entomologist and artist who made important contributions to the fields of arthropod morphology, anatomy, evolution, and metamorphosis.
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