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Carter R.L. Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory

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Carter R.L. Molecular Symmetry and Group Theory
John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1998. – 310 p.– ISBN 0-471-14955-1.
Fundamental Concepts
Symmetry Operations and Elements
Defining the Coordinate System
Combining Symmetry Operations
Symmetry Point Groups
Point Groups of Molecules
Systematic Point Group Classification
Optical Activity and Symmetry
Representations of Groups
Irreducible Representations
Unit Vector Transformations
Reducible Representations
More Complex Groups and Standard Character Tables
General Relationships of Irreducible Representations
Techniques and Relationships for Chemical Applications
Systematic Reduction of Reducible Representations
Handling Representations with Imaginary Characters
Group-Subgroup Relationships: Descent and Ascent in Symmetry
Reducing Representations of Groups with Infinite Order
More About Direct Products
Symmetry and Chemical Bonding
Orbital Symmetries and Overlap
Valence Bond Theory and Hybrid Orbitals
Localized and Delocalized Molecular Orbitals
MXn Molecules with Pi-Bonding
Pi-Bonding in Aromatic Ring Systems
Equations for Wave Functions
Formulating SALCs with Projection Operators
SALCs of Pi-Systems
Formulating Hybrid Orbitals
Systems with Nonequivalent Positions
Vibrational Spectroscopy
Vibrational Modes and Their Symmetries
Symmetry-Based Selection Rules and Their General Consequences
Spectroscopic Activities and Structures of Nonlinear Molecules
Linear Molecules
Overtones, Combinations, and Other Complications
Transition Metal Complexes
Crystal Field Theory
Jahn–Teller Distortions and Other Crystal Fields
Molecular Orbital Approach to Bonding in Complexes
Terms of Free Ions with dn Configurations
Splitting of Terms
Electronic Spectra of Transition Metal Complexes
APPENDIX A. Point Group Character Tables
APPENDIX B. Correlation Tables
APPENDIX C. Normal Modes of Some Common Structures
APPENDIX D. Tanabe and Sugano Diagrams
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