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Guillaume O., Sarah H. (Eds.) Lectures on Visco-Plastic Fluid Mechanics

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Guillaume O., Sarah H. (Eds.) Lectures on Visco-Plastic Fluid Mechanics
Springer, 2019. — 265 p. — (CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences: Courses and Lectures 583). — ISBN-10 3319894374.
The book is designed for advanced graduate students as well as postdoctoral researchers across several disciplines (e.g., mathematics, physics and engineering), as it provides them with tools and techniques that are essential in performing research on the flow problems of visco-plastic fluids.
The following topics are treated:
analysis of classical visco-plastic fluid models
mathematical modeling of flows of visco-plastic fluids
computing flows of visco-plastic fluids
rheology of visco-plastic fluids and visco-plastic suspensions
application of visco-plastic fluids in engineering sciences
complex flows of visco-plastic fluids.
Table of contents
Background Lectures on Ideal Visco-Plastic Fluid Flows
Viscoplastic Asymptotics and Other Analytical Methods
Computational Methods for Viscoplastic Fluid Flows
Rheometry of Visco-Plastic Fluids
Rheology of Visco-Plastic Suspensions
Industrial Applications of Yield Stress Fluids
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