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Bandara L. Cisco Mathematics: Computer Networking made Simple

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Bandara L. Cisco Mathematics: Computer Networking made Simple
Independently published, 2018. — 87 p.
Mathematics used in computer networking is simple and straight forward. I presented theory as well as practical examples without unnecessary discussions. Material is self-explanatory with simple instructions. In this book you get introduced to decimal, binary and hexadecimal. Then we do conversions back and forth. In IP addressing-part 1, I will cover dotted decimal notation, IPv4 classes, subnet mask and wildcard mask. In IP addressing-part 2, I will cover Subnetting. You will learn network address, broadcast address and host address range of subnetworks. This section ends with questions and answers. The last section, IP addressing-part 3 covers, Subnetting, Suppernetting, summarization, private and public networks, automatic addressing and loopback addressing. Quizzes with answers will end this section. This is a comprehensive book covering mathematics you need for computer networking, Cisco in particular. Read, study and enjoy.
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