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Dobrev V. (Ed.) Quantum Theory and Symmetries with Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics Volume 1: QTS-X/LT-XII, Varna, Bulgaria, June 2017

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Dobrev V. (Ed.) Quantum Theory and Symmetries with Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics Volume 1: QTS-X/LT-XII, Varna, Bulgaria, June 2017
Springer, 2018. — 419 p. — (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 263). — ISBN 978-981-13-2714-8.
This book is the first volume of proceedings from the joint conference X International Symposium “Quantum Theory and Symmetries” (QTS-X) and XII International Workshop “Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics” (LT-XII), held on 19–25 June 2017 in Varna, Bulgaria. The QTS series was founded on the core principle that symmetries underlie all descriptions of quantum systems. It has since evolved into a symposium at the forefront of theoretical and mathematical physics. The LT series covers the whole field of Lie theory in its widest sense, together with its applications in many areas of physics. As an interface between mathematics and physics, the workshop serves as a meeting place for mathematicians and theoretical and mathematical physicists. In dividing the material between the two volumes, the Editor has sought to select papers that are more oriented toward mathematics for the first volume, and those focusing more on physics for the second. However, this division is relative, since many papers are equally suitable for either volume. The topics addressed in this volume represent the latest trends in the fields covered by the joint conferences: representation theory, integrability, entanglement, quantum groups, number theory, conformal geometry, quantum affine superalgebras, noncommutative geometry. Further, they present various mathematical results: on minuscule modules, symmetry breaking operators, Kashiwara crystals, meta-conformal invariance, the superintegrable Zernike system.
Table of contents
Image of Conformally Covariant, Symmetry Breaking Operators for Rp,q
Trails for Minuscule Modules and Dual Kashiwara Functions for the B(∞) Crystal
From Euler’s Play with Infinite Series to the Anomalous Magnetic Moment
On the Derivation of the Wallis Formula for π in the 17th and 21st Centuries
Variations of Infinite Derivative Modified Gravity
Infinite-Dimensional Metaconformal Symmetries: 1D Diffusion-Limited Erosion and Ballistic Transport in (1+2) Dimensions
Behrends–Fronsdal Spin Projection Operator in Space-Time with Arbitrary Dimension
Wakimoto Realization of the Quantum Affine Superalgebra Uq(ˆsl (M|N))
On Superdimensions of Some Infinite-Dimensional Irreducible Representations of osp (m|n)
Non-commutativity in Unified Theories and Gravity
Webs of Quantum Algebra Representations in 5d N=1 Super Yang–Mills
Parallelizations for Induced Representations of SO0 (2,q)
Jordan Algebra and Hydrogen Atom
Screening Operators for the Lattice Vertex Operator Algebras of Type A1 at Positive Rational Level
Symmetries of the S3 Dirac–Dunkl Operator
The Superintegrable Zernike System
The Two Bosonizations of the CKP Hierarchy: Bicharacter Construction and Vacuum Expectation Values
Recursion Operator and Bäcklund Transformation for Super mKdV Hierarchy
Lie Symmetry Analysis of a Third-Order Equation Arising from a General Class of Lotka–Volterra Chains
Probing Anderson Localization Using the Dynamics of a Qubit
Pure Spinors, Impure Spinors and Quantum Mechanics
Higher-Derivative Oscillators in AdS5×S5 T-Dual Penrose Limits
A Unified Approach to Poisson–Hopf Deformations of Lie–Hamilton Systems Based on sl (2)
Two-Parameter Quantum General Linear Supergroups
Noncommutative Geometry and An Index Theory of Infinite-Dimensional Manifolds
A Stable Version of Terao Conjecture
Multiplication of Distributions and Nonperturbative Calculations of Transition Probabilities
About Markov, Gibbs, ... Gauge Theory ... Finance
A Method for Classifying Filiform Lie Superalgebras
Equivalence of Vector Field Realizations of Lie Algebras from the Lie Group Point of View
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