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Leggett D., Sleigh C. Scientific governance in Britain, 1914-79

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Leggett D., Sleigh C. Scientific governance in Britain, 1914-79
Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016. — 344 p.
Contents :

Scientific governance: an introduction
Governance of science
Give me a laboratory and I will win you the war: governing science in the Royal Navy
Bureaucratic reformism and the cults of Sir Henry Tizard and Operational Research
The evolving role of the Chief Scientific Advisor to the Cabinet, 1940-71
Mugwumps? The Royal Society and the governance of post-war British science
The Defence Research Committee, 1963-72
Defence research and genetic engineering: fears and dissociation in the 1970s
Geological governance: surveying the North Sea in the Cold War
Doing it for Britain: science and service in oral history with government scientists
Governance by science
Geneticists on the farm: agriculture and the all-English loaf
'Man against disease': the medical left and the lessons of science, 1918-48
Science as heterotopia: the British Interplanetary Society before World War II
Governing science on BBC radio in 1930s Britain: religion, eugenics and war
Governing the science of selection: the psychological sciences, 1921-45
Governing for happiness: Mark Abrams, subjective social indicators and the post-war explosion of 'middle-opinion'
Governance through education: Herman Bondi, Karl Popper and the making of scientific citizens
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